Young innovator wants to enhance young peoples learning experience

Francesca Abossey a creative innovator who likes to solve issues with the help of technology. Born and raised in Italy and she moved to the UK 4 years ago because she wanted a better opportunity her self. She always loved helping people since a young age and after being part of AISEC Italia and completing an interaction design module she came up with Eleph, because she believe everyone deserve a quality education.

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Eleph is a dynamic system possessing the ability to support lectures into their teaching journey in the classroom and to assist children with their learning experience. This system uses inputs such as words, QR codes on books and contextualizes the information to provide assistance to users by answering questions in natural languages and or reproducing a video as an output. Eleph can be used in lectures to perform basic interactive functions with students (e.g. searching a word in the integrated dictionary, making calculations with the calculator) as well as for more advanced capabilities and connected-device integrations (e.g., answering questions by reproducing a hologram image/video or reproducing audio and searching online if supported by an internet connection). This tool is not only an innovative smart device but also an ecological tool, each device comes with an environmentally friendly solar panel charger. Eleph possesses a “brain,” which allows it to gather and analyse information more quickly within the gadget, because Eleph has powerful processing capabilities, it does not require the assistance of any other gadget excluding a book.

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Eleph can “feel” the force of your finger on top of the gadget and mobile device using capacitive touch sensors. That means Eleph can gather data on the amount of force used to contact it, as well as when and where that force was utilised to operate the gadget. Eleph has “ears” with a two-microphone array that is multidirectional. That is, the gadget can listen to numerous conversations at once, filter out background noise, and focus on the direction voices and noises are coming from. This will only work if the device is set to the “Test” mode. Eleph speaks using speakers that produce synthetic sounds and respond to orders. It understands when it is explaining a topic or asking questions. When the gadget responds to the requests, no personal or sensitive information will be revealed. Eleph is connected, that is, it may send and receive data that it has gathered or processed. Wi-Fi connections on smart devices can transfer gathered data to the cloud for processing, but they must be encrypted both in transit and while stored in the cloud to be safe. Eleph is eco-friendly, and with a solar panel charger, students and instructors in remote areas can use the tool without having to worry about connecting it to an electrical energy supply.

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