About us

The world we live in faces ever-changing societal, environmental and economic challenges, which are felt regionally, nationally and also globally. UKBlackTech supports, promotes, represents and encourages the continued growth of diverse innovators and tech innovation across the UK. We work with institutions, industry, local businesses and communities to solve these challenges. To build a great tech eco-system we need to see equity, transparency and representation at the cutting edge of tech.

Our Organisation

UKBT is an organisation managed by specialised professionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of its community by promoting the culture of innovation, tech and digital skills. To enable these goals to be met, UKBT stimulates and manages the flow of knowledge and technical insights amongst universities, R&D institutions, companies and markets; it facilitates the creation and growth of tech companies & tech talent through events and spin-off initiatives; and provides other value-added services to the sector.

Solving the worldโ€™s biggest problems through REPRESENTATION. Greater representation leads to better INNOVATION which produces global TRANSFORMATION for a fast-changing world.

Our impact


professionals attended our last innovation showcase


UKBT organised a Sickle Cell Hackathon with doctors, data scientist, patients and web developers at The Design Museum.


of our community identifies as women

5 Institutions

We collaborate LSBU University Computer Science Dept.


of our audience is under 25


Our co-founder is awarded an MBE for services to Education, Tech & Diversity.


tech professionals combined reach across our platform

Talent Pool

Culture Trip x UKBT: Mock Interviews for University Graduates

16 Courses

Digital courses created with Tech Mums, Future Learn, and Leeds University

The 100 Year Plan

What we do know is that actions from 100 years ago have changed the landscape of our world beyond recognition โ€“ and thatโ€™s exactly our intention with the 100 year plan for UKBlackTech. That in 100 years time, the world should NOT be the same, that the difference made was by design rather than default.

The 5 Plllars of our 100 Year Plan:
Community Building
Generational Economics




  • Partnered with PwC to travel around the UK to support local communities in tech
  • Won the Diversity Champions Award 2018


  • UKBT (Tech) teamed up with AFBE-UK (Engineering) to profile 10 inventors in their field 
  • Hosted a Sickle Cell Hackathon at The Design Museum with Doctors & Data Scientists 
  • Collaborated with Future Learn, Tech Mums & Leeds Uni to design 15 digital courses 
  • Won the London Business Awards 2019



  • Supported 2 orgs with their Apprenticeship Level 6 and Level 7 courses
  • Boroughs (Lambeth, Lewisham, Wandsworth and Southwark) around digital skills and upskilling digital businesses
  • Collaborated with TLA, GLA & London Tech Week to launch London Borough Day
  • Partnered with Microsoft & PwC to explore solutions around COVID19



Whatโ€™s next

By 2025 UKBT will be a Science Park with 2 locations in London and Midlands that has a membership of over 500โ€“1000 clients (R&D, Institutions, Organisations, Businesses and Entrepreneurs) to access knowledge, insights and research.


Support homegrown talent to navigate, access and open opportunities within the industry.


Produce 3 white papers and recommendations for tech sector by 2023: Future of Work, Smart Cities and Post Pandemic Recovery.


Support tech specialist and entrepreneurial minded people/businesses to learn from each other through our Knowledge Innovation Transfer Network (KTIN).

Representation matters.

Explore our collection of diverse images, free to use in your next project.

The Collective

The UKBT team is made up of eleven tech professionals from different areas of the tech sector. Our expertise and insight in tech and digital businesses is second to none. Between us we have 50+ years experience in the tech industry and won numerous awards that have been acknowledged by the UK government for our impact on the UK tech sector.

We provide a range of boutique services to organisations and businesses, from events and workshops through to promotion and networking. How can we help you?

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