• Coding Black Females logo

    Visible in tech

    This month we are featuring Coding Black Females #VisibleInTech campaign, They are on a mission to show that black women are visible in tech.

  • Scott Spence Tutorials

    Learn how to build a coding blog from scratch with Gatsby and MDX.

  • Creativity Works

    YSYS have partnered with Create Jobs and Mayor of London Digital Talent Programme to deliver a six-week Product Design Course for digital savvy 18-24 year olds from diverse backgrounds.

  • Technullogy Podcast

    Technullogy is on a mission is to diversify the developer community and introduce more minorities into tech!

  • Orthors

    Rising black owned gaming company making our mark on the gaming industry by bringing black authentic narratives to life.

  • Learn to code

    Get to grips with the basics of coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

  • OneTech

    OneTech supports underrepresented tech founders in London.