UKBT partners with Viaduct Generation on SEO Literacy

We are so excited to announce our new SEO video series in collaboration with Viaduct Generation 📹 👊🏿

‘Owning your online narrative: the power of SEO’ is a 4 part series that will be covering some essential topics to get you started with the practice and to give you a better understanding of the tools that are available out there. 

Throughout April, every Monday we will be releasing a new video to support you on your journey into SEO, closing out with a joint Twitter Spaces where we will be available to answer all of your questions. 

Check out our blog explaining why we thought this video series is important and what led to the collaboration. We can’t wait to hear your thoughts! 

First Episode:

🔑 As the name suggests, keywords are the key (yes, it’s that obvious) to your potential clients and customers finding your website and in turn, purchasing your product and/or services on offer. 

In this video, we explain what tools are available to you and how you know if your keywords are performing as they should be. 

What challenges have you faced when it comes to keywords? Comment below 👇
EPisode One