My Journey from Startup to Launch (No-Code)

People always move from one place to another yet moving is still one of the most stressful life events and can get quite lonely a lot of the time. Getting integrated into a new place is a big deal—even when we aren’t in the midst of a global pandemic. Juliet Edjere is the CEO and co-founder of a University of Birmingham-backed startup called Maze . She founded Maze alongside Sarah Nantume and Winner Adebayo with a focus to connect people relocating with service providers, reduce moving costs and enable the optimization of customer journeys. Alongside her role as the CEO, Juliet is a no-code evangelist and leads product development and business strategy at Maze.

Juliet Edjere also works as a Content Marketing Lead and Technical Advisor at a fast-growing international startup where she manages all things API and no-code integration. On a day to day basis, She develops prototypes and products using low and no-code tools like Airtable and Zapier to effectively capture, understand and analyse data. 

Revolutionizing the Relocation Industry

As founders and immigrants, we were motivated to create a solution we wish we had, as well as capitalise on a gap in the marketplace.  We started as a service-based business helping people plan, book and manage their short and long term trips. However, when the pandemic hit, we reviewed our strategy and pivoted to provide an end-to-end solution. 

We observed that despite the travel restrictions resulting from the pandemic, geographic mobility is still critical for key employees and students in today’s globalised economy, and that trend is unlikely to reverse. These people face problems similar to what we had experienced.

Maze was founded to connect people relocating with service providers, reduce moving costs and enable the optimization of customer journeys. 

When looking to relocate internationally, instead of the expensive, tedious and slow process of vetting services across the country, you simply register with Maze and it does all the settlement interactions so you don’t have to. Getting picked from the airport, getting your bills set up, full integration into your environment, calling your loved ones with a new sim card, settling into your new accommodation – everything is available within one platform.

With automated data processing, we place a high priority on data security. This saves time in comparison to traditional manual processes. We offer a self-service platform with live support that is handy across all devices (mobile & desktop). Our platform features a simple & easy-to-use interface that centralises all the resources for moving abroad in one place. The planning process is automated and includes a personalised checklist tailored to the user’s unique journey. The user has the ability to track their progress on the platform. It features carefully curated resources, access to service providers and leverages the power of the community to navigate the complex and bureaucratic relocation process. 

The Technology

Maze was built entirely on no-code tools in-house. We built our website and manage our entire operations on Figma, Webflow, Airtable – CRM database, Zapier, Typeform, Tally form, Google workspace, Notion, Zoho, Calendly, MailChimp, Stripe and Softr.

The Team

As the CEO and the central player in driving Maze’s mission forward, Juliet Edjere manages the business direction, vision and shape the way decisions are made. Juliet also leads product development, strategises the roadmap and prioritises what needs to be done to achieve the initiatives and strategic goals.

Sarah Nantume is a legal professional with experience leading tech-driven initiatives. As the COO, she ensures the company’s operations and services align with strategic goals and business needs. 

Winner Adebayo is a Business Development Manager. She has varied experience in marketing and sales, project management, and research.

Our ability to provide a digital self-service platform that will save time by cutting down manual processes of submitting service request forms, series of long email threads, phone calls, emailed documents and other non-optimal processes. This is done alongside getting onboard strategic partnerships. Through partnership initiatives, we help local businesses by providing a platform for them to market their products to residents and visitors in a bid to grow sales which in turn would contribute to economic growth. 

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