On the anniversary of George Floyd’s murder, UK tech hasn’t done enough

More than half of black UK tech professionals think tech companies haven’t done enough to overhaul their diversity and inclusion strategies

Black tech workers think diversity of executive boards requires urgent focus

List of tech companies recognised for best practice on diversity and inclusion identified

Russ Shaw CBE, founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates, “The global reaction to the murder of George Floyd should have been a catalyst to inspire the tech sector to finally address its diversity weakness.  One year on, it is clear that diversity and inclusion is on the agenda more than ever for tech companies, but much more needs to be done to put focus into action. This research sends a clear message to tech companies – future tech talent will demand more diverse teams and more diverse boards. Tech companies need to take action now to stay competitive and attract the best talent.”

Mark Martin, co-founder of UK Black Tech, comments, “Bringing about system change needs a systemic approach by the sector. Tech companies must refine their resources to create sustainable, impactful change to promote equitable ideas, power, resources, strategies, conditions, habits and outcomes. The ethnicity pay gap reporting, although a small step, is a chance for tech companies to analyse the specific barriers to entry and progression for Black employees. Black technologist 
want increased transparency on pay and progression opportunities, and ethnicity pay gap reporting will give the indicators needed to better understand if and where the disparities may lie. The danger of slow action is a talent exodus to other countries, talent going into other fields or talent being underutilised hindering economic growth. If the UK is serious about building back better post pandemic, now is the time to for action.

Flavilla Fongang, founder of 3 Colours Rule and lead of the TLA Black Women in Tech Working Group, “It isn’t surprising that the most successful tech companies have also been identified as the top companies to showcase best practice to create a diverse workforce and culture. They understand the relevance and importance of diversity at all levels and their success speak for themselves. Unfortunately, it will take more than the death of George Floyd for other tech companies to live outside their bubble and take the uncomfortable actions required to create an environment that benefits us all. It is maybe time to implement better measures to guide tech companies to act better.”