Innovator Wins Global Footwear Award

This month we are excited to feature Glodi Libondje a tech innovator in footwear fashion. Several months ago he had taken home multiple prizes across five categories in the Global Footwear Awards, recognising him as one of the most promising emerging young designers.

His winning luxury shoe design is inspired by Congolese La Sape culture, a movement renowned for its focus on elegance, extravagance and exuberant fashion expression. His GbS1 sneaker design incorporates complex shapes and materials to realise this concept and meet current fashion industry trends.

The upcoming brand also has a strong emphasis on social and humanitarian issues. The sneaker is made from around 70% recyclable materials, including waste materials such as used car tires in the soles and eco-friendly materials like Eva foam, eco-leather, silicone and handwoven cotton.

The footwear won silver in ‘Supporting local communities footwear business’, silver in ‘Utilize more than 60% recycle materials’, silver in ‘Utilize more than 70% recycled materials’, silver in ‘Biodegradable materials’ and bronze in ‘Other fashion innovation footwear’ categories.

We are excited to see how Glodi delevops in the fasion tech and footwear space! For now you can follow him on Instragram