UPDATE: Our Smart Cities Research

Did you know that UKBT is currently researching how the development of Smart Cities will influence our everyday lives?

We believe that emerging technologies may offer great benefits -in a challenging post-Brexit and Covid era -and we want to put a spotlight on these opportunities. We are planning to release the report ‘Smart Cities: Connected Communities’, which will enhance Citizen’s daily lives and will assist policymaker’s decisions.

To add more value, we are working closely with a variety of stakeholders; technologists, academics, specialists, and residents in the areas of the recommendations we are forecasting. We are going to feature their voices and provide a comprehensive diverse context. Connected communities and cohesion will be vital to socio-economic development, and the future of the UK.

We are also looking forward to hearing your opinion and feelings regarding Smart Cities technologies. We have prepared an online survey, which will enable us to understand community views.

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