Software Engineer, Full Stack

Apply by Thursday 28 September

Company: Meta

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Meta is constantly under attack from malicious actors. Protecting against this is a unique challenge, and quite different to Security teams you might have encountered before – there are almost no other companies that operate at our scale while maintaining our level of openness. Meta Security is a high-growth org, responsible for solving these problems at global scale for the first time, and building & operating systems which protect the entire company. Put simply: if we fail, Meta as a business fails. The threats we face can take many forms, both internal and external. It might be attacks from nation-state actors, malware or ransomware entering the corporate environment, or employees misusing their access to sensitive data. We need to detect all of these problems before they cause major damage or place people’s data at risk, and work proactively to prevent them from happening again. XDR Platform is a software engineering team within Security which builds systems to detect, and respond to such incidents. The platform we’re developing provides all the necessary capabilities to automatically handle most of the threats we face. On top of this, we’re working to craft a delightful user experience for our Security Engineers to manually investigate more complex incidents when they need to. The new team member will join the Response platform team. Our team is developing the best in class security platform and tools required for efficient response to the security threats.

Software Engineer, Full Stack Responsibilities:

  • Full-stack development with Hack, React, Python and Rust
  • Work closely with security engineers to make Meta safe
  • Complete medium to large features (each with many tasks) independently without guidance
  • Proactively identify and drive changes as needed for assigned codebase, product area and/or systems
  • Clearly document your work so that we better understand our systems going forward


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Experience designing and completing medium to large features independently without guidance
  • Experience building large-scale applications or similar experience in a corporate or start-up environment
  • Independently able to complete medium to large features
  • Independently able to collaborate with XFNs or partner team members on projects


Preferred Qualifications:

  • Ability to learn new technologies
  • Proficiency in Hack, React and Rust/C++
  • Ability to drive discussions in XFN groups and able to build strong partnership
  • Previous experience to work on highly complex environments
  • Ability to lead small groups towards a common goal and able to build relationships across teams