How I co-founded an NFT Start-up

As celebrities started changing their profile pictures to cartoon images of apes and 8bit people post-pandemic, NFT technology gained notoriety. Despite their little-known value, these profile pictures fetched hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Daunté Crawford is the CCO and co-founder of Sport Head Originals Team (SHOT). SHOT was founded alongside Liam McDowell and Carl Bruiners with an interest in connecting Sports and NFT technology. In addition to establishing itself as a lifestyle brand, SHOT wants to bring fans closer to athletes and sport by offering holders of the SHOT NFT access to 1:1 private session, training sessions, exclusive clothing, VIP SHOT events across the UK, IP rights to the NFT and opportunities to attend international sporting events.

Daunté’s Story

While only mid-20s, Daunté has already led multiple businesses. Instead of applying to university, Daunté became an apprentice at a law firm to earn and gain experience. Daunté tried to learn the habits of working professionals while he was here, even though he was only a teenager. He was able to gain real skills, experience real problems, and acquire skills to progess in his professional career. Ultimately, Daunté was promoted, but unfortunately the law firm’s direction changed and Daunté was presented with the choice of being made redundant or changing job role.

This is when Daunté decided to go to university part-time so that he could earn a living while learning. While studying Sport Science at Manchester Metropolitan University, Daunté began working as a personal trainer with aspirations of working for a top sporting organization. 

Daunté co-founded Aesthetic Athletes shortly before leaving the law firm to educate people about training and exercise. During his time as a personal trainer, Daunté acquired contracts to train athletes at professional clubs. Daunte quickly began to excel at selling, leading to senior roles and eventually management positions in the UK’s leading gyms. 

Following the pandemic, the fitness and leisure industry was hard hit. Daunté decided to leave Aesthetic Athletes after developing their online database, but luckily, Daunté  was able to keep income coming in, which led him to explore other options. This was the time when NFTs started growing in popularity, and Daunte flipped his first NFT from $1 to $8000 within a few weeks. Having made this amount of money at the bottom, Daunté would ask himself, how much money is there at the top, and how can this be more beneficial to consumers and companies? 

As a result, Daunté and contacts he had established decided to form an NFT that specializes in lifestyle and streetwear, called Azuki Ape Social Club. It has made seven figures in secondary market revenue to date and at current market prices, and Azuki Ape Social Club is continuing to do well. 

Through this, Daunte was able to get on the radar of successful entrepreneurs who wanted to create the leading sports NFT, internationally, not just domestically. Daunte was brought onto the leadership team and acts as their Chief Community Officer working on the day-to-day engagement and customer relationships.

NFTs: What are they?

NFT is an acronym for non-fungible token. We can use NFTs to represent ownership of unique items. Things like art, collectibles, and even real estate can be assigned to them. The cryptocurrency blockchain secures them so no one can modify the ownership record or copy/paste a new NFT into existence at the same time. There can only be one official owner at a time, and they can be owned only by one official person at a time.

NFTs: What do NFTs do?

By using blockchain as a public record, NFTs can be used to assign or claim ownership of any unique piece of digital data. NFTs represent digital or non-digital assets. NFTs could, for instance, represent, art created digitally GIFs, antiques and collectibles as well as music videos. Objects found in real life consist of car deeds, real-world event tickets, invoices that are tokenized, legal documents and authentication

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