UKBT believes in the power of diversity in advancing equality and equity in tech. We are driven to build an inclusive tech economy which leads to better access, service and results for all. UKBT highlight that diversity & Inclusion is not simply a moral issue, it will help influence the tech sector’s economic performance and growth.


Accessing the tech industry straight out of university can be a daunting and difficult prospect; we can help guide and support you through your journey after graduating.

Tech Professionals

We’re here to support you and help you to connect with like-minded individuals. Our coaches can help you to navigate the tech industry and boost your personal brand.

Digital Businesses

Our network of experienced entrepreneurs and founders can coach you in your journey from start up to scale up. Many of us have been there before, and want to help you avoid the common pitfalls.


If you would like to enquire about any of our services then please contact info@ukblacktech.com