Yes, yes…. I know it’s not good practice to put dodgy grammar in the title of a blog post, but I think it’s important that we keep it real at all times – so you’ll bear with me on this one.

 So yes, 100 years seems like a long time and it is, kinda…Certainly in the life of a human being 100 years can feel like a long time.

One of the most famous 100 year old’s is the legendary Actor Kurt Douglas – and he recently wrote a post about the similarities between the rise of two every charismatic leaders who were initially ignored, but wreaked absolute havoc on either side of the Atlantic, and 70 years apart…

One of whom is consigned to the history books and seems so long ago. One very much looming large in our psyche and sight today. And yet he was alive (and cogniscent) to see them both. So actually 100 years is not as long as it may seem.

What we do know is that actions from 100 years ago have changed the landscape of our world beyond recognition – and that’s exactly our intention with the 100 year plan for UKBlackTech. That in 100 years time, the world should NOT be the same, that the difference made was by design rather than default.

At the UKBlackTech Launch event, one of our Co-Founders Mark Martin outlined a 100 Year plan based on 5 Cornerstone principles:

Participation  – Because ‘to create is to own’ and change requires needs to be owned and carried by many hands if it is to success and truly make a difference

Visibility  – Because so often ‘seeing is believing’ and to see amazing black professionals in places we never knew they were tells those coming behind that not only is it possible, but it has already been achieved.

    “It’s easier to reach for the stars when you see someone like you sitting on the moon”

Community Building – Because the power of ‘umoja’ is so important, it takes a village to raise a vision, to keep it burning and to ensure that the blaze burns bright long after you are gone

Generational Economics – demonstrating a new way of thinking about financial independence, literacy and freedom to ensure a long-term sustainable plan and a legacy is left

Self-Sustainability – where we are the ‘captain of our ships’ invictus style – being the master of your fate is both a privilege and a responsibility which requires serious mind shift to ensure that it’s not only done well, but done with an ‘everybody wins’ mentality.

So I was excited to hear the 100 Year plan unveiled because to me it is:

A huge responsibility – and the chance to make real and significant impact and contribution far beyond my individual goals, dreams ideas and plans – but in there is also…

A huge privilege – To join such a talented, driven and passionate group of people who make success seem inevitable, it completely recharges things for me on a whole new level.

Designed for Different thinking – It takes a bold group of people to say, we are going to make changes that we won’t get to see or enjoy ourselves, but we trust and know it will be enjoyed by those coming up behind those coming up behind us. In 100 years I’ll be long gone –it creates a different mindset to think about things that last. Things that grow… no longer just sparks but blazes.

To Benefit us Now as well as those in the future – and contrary to what you would expect, a 100 Year plan doesn’t just benefit things in 100 years, It has real tangible, transformational benefits for those of us involved TODAY. It makes a difference TODAY. It changes things TODAY – we are also privileged as it will do the same for those coming up tomorrow. And yet I have seen messages, where I can see others don’t share my excitement (and that’s ok… we don’t have to all agree)

But there seems that there are a few misconceptions that I think it’s important to clear up, so just to clarify, a 100 Year Plan is not (or ‘ain’t’ as the title suggests…

An excuse to wait for 99 years before we see any change… 100 Years of a plan need 100 years of progress, 100 years of milestones – there is no time to lose or think that we can wait until the deadline is close before you start doing anything about it.

Only about the future… it is also about a different way of thinking, working, acting collaboratively and planning ambitiously, but doing so today. 100 year plans start today.

Wishy washy or irrelevant… perhaps the long lead time makes it seem like it has no bearing on life today, but that is not the case. The articulation may improve overtime, but the intentions are crystal clear and definitive and it’s important that clarity and definition increases over time.

Gonna happen without us working together – the plan is not about just you or me, but is about ‘us’ and ‘we’ and it’s easy to get side tracked or think that it’s someone else’s problem, plan or dream. Actually this plan is going to take us all.

We need you all.

Those sold of the vision to carry it with us

Those skeptical, to keep up clear, definitive and relevant.

Those who’ll disagree to make sure we stay on track and to push us to be better.

The 100 year plan is a plan that’s going to take us all….I am proud to be part of this dynamic and ambitious initiative in spite of my unconventional relationship with tech.

I’ve put my proverbial hand to the plough… will you?